Blue Lake Diving

Blue Lake Diving is situated next door to Just a Bed Lodge and provides:

• Air fills


• Nitrox fills
• Trimix fills
• Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing
• Cylinder Maintenance
• O2 Cleaning
• High Pressure Oxygen

Clean Air Fills $9.00.

% x Nitrox Fills – 0xygen at $0.03 per litre + Air Fill at $9.00.

%/% x Trimix Fills – 0xygen at $0.03 per litre + Helium at $0.10 per litre + Air Fill
at $9.00.

High Pressure Oxygen – 0xygen at $0.03 per litre plus a $2.00 Booster pump charge.

Oxygen can be boosted to 200 bar.

Tank Hydrostatic Testing $40.00.

(Forward contact with Darren is advised to confirm he is available to hydrostatically test tanks at night.)


For all enquiries regarding Blue Lake Diving, contact Darren Walters.

280 Cafpirco Road, Mount Gambier, SA, 5290
Postal Address:
PO Box 9286, Mount Gambier West, SA, 5291