Tank rental is available from Blue Lake Diving.

Configerations available:


2 x 12.2l banded/manifoldedmanifolded cylinders
2 x 10.5l banded/manifolded
2 x 12.2l banded/independant
2 x 10.5l banded/independant

All twin set configerations rental:

  • $65.00 first day rental, including airfill
  • $15 subsequent day rental excluding airfill


1 x 11.1l Aluminium
1 x 7.0l Aluminium

Stage Rental:

  • $25 first day rental, including airfill, excluding O2 if required
  • $5 subsequent day rental excluding airfill

Lead Weight:

Lead weight is available free with rental of Twin sets: 3lb. 2lb, 1/2 kg & 1kg available


(Conditions/Small print: Credit card imprint is required at date of hiring equipment, any damage/loss incurred during rental period will be charged to credit card at current repair/replacement pricing, if you don't think this is fair - bring your own tanks!)