Thankyou for deciding to stay at “Just a Bed Lodge”

Non-Political Accommodation.
Whatever your views either of the CDAA or you preferred diving configuration/profile, please be aware of other people’s right to have a view as they will allow you to have yours. Discuss it, but please do not preach it!
Guest Behaviour.
Please be aware that you are cohabitating with other guests.
Please do not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of other guests.
Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.
Please keep the noise to a minimum after 11pm at night.
Please do not smoke within the Lodge.
Please use “Butt” containers to dispose of your Cigarette butts.
Please do not drop butts on the ground or dispose of within rubbish bins due to fire hazards.
Air Conditioner.
The Air conditioner is located in the common area and heats/cools to the preset temperature. Once turned on, the Air conditioner will maintain the set temperature for three hours and the turn off.
It will then need to be restarted.
Air Compressors.
Please do not use petrol driven air compressors on the property.
Please use your compressors on the dive sites or elsewhere on the way back from the dive site.
Car and Trailer Parking.
Please park in the parking bays provided, leaving the turn circle clear to allow other customers to come and go.
If you require more area to park trailers please contact Suzanne and she will organise additional parking.
Showers/Water Use.
The Lodge is reliant on rain water.
Please limit your water usage to a minimum to ensure water conservation.

Effluent System.
Effluent system is via aseptic tank.
Please refrain from placing any unusually/foreign objects down the sewage system.
This includes sanitary items.
Please dispose of these in the rubbish bins provided discreetly.
Instructions of how to use the television are adjacent the television.
Blue Lake Diving.
Air, Nitrox, Trimix fills are available nightly.
Please leave your tanks in the “empty” section of the dive shop BEFORE 8pm with a tag listing your name, mobile phone number and required filling medium.
When filled, tanks will be moved to the “full” section.
This is confirmation that the cylinder is full.
Cylinders are cold topped in the morning and are ready for collection AFTER 7am.
  • If you require an oxygen sensor, one is available for use.
  • Hydrostatic testing is available if required and given enough notice.
  • Tanks are available for rental if required/needed.
  • A tripod is available for use if required for dive sites.
1. BLD only fills tanks that are in test.
2. Tanks need to be dropped off BEFORE 8pm & they will be filled and ready for
collection AFTER 7am the following morning.
3. BLD does not fill tanks during the day.
Please check out by 10am on the morning of your departure.
This is so that the Lodge may be clean and readied for the next guests.
Please fill out the provided “Tally form” ensuring to include any costs incurred at Blue Lake Diving. Costs will be listed on the white board in Blue Lake Diving.
Payment can be made via Cash, Cheque or Credit card.
Please place completed forms and payment in “Money deposit” box located in Blue Lake Diving.
If there is anything that you need or require, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will endeavour to aid in anyway.
Regards          Darren